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Following an initial consultation visit and preparatory sketches, sittings are required for prospective subjects for 3-4  two hour sessions at the sculptors studio in Gladesville, NSW. Further clay modelling requires 4-6 weeks, bronze casting 6-8 weeks. 



"Don't be led by the nose", the young sculptor is often reminded. For this is a form of portraiture that deals not just with the nose, not just the face, but the entire carriage of the head and its deportment above the shoulders. What is being represented here is not just the ego, but the entire personality, made manifest in flesh and blood, expressed in everything, from the little curl above the lip, to the nape of the neck ( a Japanese specialty). The result is something that goes beyond the particular, something universal (scroll down to read more).


Visually, this is one of the most intimate reconciliations between heaven and earth (made all the more powerful when the subject is someone we know and love). For here is the subject we are most familiar with, the one thing on earth we can feel a connection to more than any other, the human head, struggling with the endless uncertainty of the soul. This is where the body and soul come together, with all their calamity. This is the crash site. 


The outcome is arguably the ultimate artwork. For, here is a subject of significance and familiarity, transformed into an expression of poetry, providing the viewer with what must surely be considered one of the most powerful experiences of art.